Ted’s bedroom

It may have taken till he was 10 months old, but Ted is finally in his own room! He didn’t stay in with us out of choice, we sold our house when he was 4 weeks old and hoped to move in August with plenty of time to decorate…We eventually moved in December!

To add to this, the room we chose for him was a hideous pink colour (not a nice pastel pink a disgusting, blamange pink!) and needed a good amount of work to make it habitable!


I was quite disappointed to not get to sort a proper nursery for when Ted was born. We gave it a lick of paint but we didn’t ever intend to stay in the house so it wasn’t worth it. After 2 months, I am genuinely proud of how Iain has turned it into a lovely room that I hope Ted will love for years!



I love the colours we chose. Yellow, blue and grey are timeless and neither too babyish or too grown up. IKEA has been our furniture staple and I love the blanket and light fitting from there: perfect to dim the lights and cuddle up for a bedtime story.

I also love these decorations I got off Etsy. The pictures are gorgeous and the garland from The Bear and The Bird matches perfectly! The dinosaur lamp came from a shop in Cumbria. I have loved it since before Ted was born and am so pleased to have it up now!


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