International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day; a day where women across the world are recognised for their achievements; a day where past struggles are remembered; a day where women are recognised as strong individuals. Women’s rights in the Western world have changed so much over the last century and we should actively applaud that and appreciate it. There are still many countries where women’s rights are still an issue.

In the UK, women can vote, drive, become Prime Minister and do whatever job they like. We have that equality. But that doesn’t mean the old attitudes are gone.

I have never felt the divide more keenly then since I became a mum. The traditional expectations you feel placed upon you are intense. I’m not sure society even realises the pressures that are still placed upon women. The worst of these seems to be attitudes towards motherhood and work.

Since I returned to work, I have become frustrated and shocked by the amount of negative comments I have received; “Are you really back full time?”, “So you took your responsibilities back?! That was brave!”, ” I bet you’ll want to drop a day next year.”. The saddest part is that most of these comments have come from women! Surely if we want to achieve equality we have to start leading it ourselves first! Working mums have enough mum guilt to deal with; the last thing we need is for other women to not trust us to do our jobs well just because we are now mothers.

Working full-time is tough! But there are hundreds of us out there keeping the plates spinning all the time.

To all those mums doing it, thank you. Thank you for grinning through the sleep deprivation; thank you for meeting your deadlines and targets; thank you for making the right choice for you. At the end of the day, that is what women’s rights are about: having the right to make a choice. My choice is to be a full-time teacher, yours might be to work from home. Today is about applauding us all!

Keep up the good work ladies! Happy International Women’s Day!




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