Life with Ted

Today, I have been suffering with a teacher’s most dreaded illness: laryngitis. It is possible to fight through a day of teaching with most ailments but this one really throws a spanner in the works! So I have been resigned to a day of voice rest at home.

Thankfully, Ted goes to nursery so I have been able to rest properly on my own today. What I hadn’t realised was how weird it would feel to be alone. Ted will be one next month and today was the longest time I have been on my own at home since he was born. I should consider this a luxury; it has been like a strange insight into the past before life with Ted. I’ve watched rubbish TV all day, lay on the sofa in peace, drunk hot drinks, ate food without having to share, got some work done (I might be off ill but the marking never goes away!), went for a wee when I felt like it and my house is actually tidy! I feel better for it; but I just felt something was missing. All of these are everyday things I claim to miss but, in reality, I much prefer life with Ted.

After all, life with Ted means running round after him, getting up at 4am, cleaning up snot/dribble/crumbs/juice/toys/books etc. But life with Ted also means lots of cuddles; life with Ted means I get to be silly as much as I like; life with Ted means guaranteed smiles; life with Ted means learning something new everyday. These are things that I now value far more.

So, as much as I enjoyed that warm cup of tea and whole biscuit, I’m glad that I now have life with Ted. I wouldn’t go back if you paid me!


My mischievous monkey!


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