The Half Term Lurgy

It’s nothing new, especially for a teacher. I’ve spent many weeks off full of snot, lying on the sofa, treating myself to dreadful food to make myself feel better. Usually, it’s a relief to not be ill during term time as setting cover is such a pain! Not anymore…

Not now I have Ted. Having returned to work full-time in January, I have been counting down to spending a week with my boy. Time for days out, trips to the park, playdates; just like on maternity leave! Then, boom, I’m struck down with a bug – sore throat, mouth, head etc. Etc. Urgh!

In the old days I’d cope fine! When I was 32 weeks pregnant I had a chest infection so spent 3 days with my feet up watching rubbish daytime TV whilst my husband took care of me: I won’t lie, despite coughing up green phlegm and taking antibiotics, it was utter bliss! But this week has introduced me to the joys of being ill with children…it is not one of the ‘firsts’ I have relished! Chasing a lively 10 month old, who has no concept of fear or danger, does nothing to help achy muscles, nor does Cbeebies help a headache. I found myself bribing him with rice cakes (thank the lord for rice cakes in our house!) just to keep him still! Not to mention the fact that he gave me the bug so was still grouchy as he was recovering from it. Needless to say, it has not been the happiest of half terms!

I am grateful for a few things though;

1) My husband – when I was a quivering mess on Thursday morning, he used up a holiday day to stay home with us. I may not have got much more rest but it meant Ted had a fully functioning adult around!

2) Not having to set cover – I still maintain being ill in half term is preferable to this!

So, here we are on Sunday night and half term is over. I guess we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for Easter! If anyone has any suggestions on ways to cope please send them my way! I’m sure I’ll be experiencing this again!


My staple food for the week



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